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For example: skipping or repeating a grade, specific learning style, frequent changes in schools, loss of a significant person, family unit reconfiguration, etc.

While we appreciate that this is sensitive information, it will help us better know your child.

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As part of this application to Kazoo School, the applicant and their parents/guardian agree to the following:

1. This application and all other relevant information outlined in the admission process will be considered by Kazoo School if and when such material is complete. The undersigned grants Kazoo School permission to request and receive confidential information regarding the applicant and retain such information in the applicant's file.

2. The information furnished on the application for admission, together with all information and materials of any kind received by the school from any source, or prepared by anyone at its request, shall be completely confidential and shall not be disclosed to anyone including the candidate and their family or guardian, except that the Head of School may, for official purposes at their discretion, disclose any part or all there of to such a person or persons as they deem advisable.

3. The information provided in the admission application is true and to the best of our abilities, is an accurate and complete description of our child. I/We acknowledge that if I have misrepresented the truth in any way during the application, or omitted information that affects my/our student's education, admission or enrollment my be revoked.

Application Fee is $75 - Please select a payment option below. If you chose the PAY LATER option, please send your check to the following address or bring your cash/check payment to the administration office.

Kazoo School
1401 Cherry St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
(269) 345-3239

Checks can be sent Kazoo School - 1401 Cherry Street - Kalamazoo, MI 49008


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